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Cat only appointments

In our commitment to making the clinic experience as comfortable and calm for cats as possible we offer an evening dedicated to cats only. Wednesday evenings from 5pm-7pm are reserved for our feline patients only.

We use our on-site lab to analyze samples for quick and accurate results

An annual blood test is performed on site to look for the presence of micro filaria in the blood stream. The blood test screens for the baby worms. If none are found it is generally assumed there are no adults present and deemed safe to prescribe a preventative medication.

A CBC (comprehensive blood count) and Chemistry panel are run in house before surgical procedures in order to ensure their are no underlying infections or concerns with organ function prior to surgical anesthesia. This helps us keep your pet safe during anesthesia.

A urine sample can tell us a lot about your pet. We have the ability to collect sterile samples and test them in house microscopically to diagnose illnesses such as infection and kidney disease. 

Sometimes we need blood results right away in order to properly guide treatment for your pet. Our in house analyzers allow us to get results within 10 minutes for many tests to properly treat your pet.

Our highly trained staff provide assistance in various directions

New Puppy / Kitten Visit
Routine Exams and Vaccines
Annual Check-Up
Rabies / Vaccinations

We offer solutions to problems such as inappropriate chewing, excessive barking, separation anxiety, house-soiling, and aggression.

Good oral health is key to our pets feeling well, and being at their best. We offer many options in preventative care as well as dental cleaning and oral surgery.

Our veterinarians work closely with Toronto’s referral centres to ensure our patients are receiving the best quality health care  available. This can include cardiac echos, and ongoing medical care for heart conditions.

Abnormalities in urination (increase, decreased, change in colour for example) can be signs that something in the body is wrong. On site urinalysis and blood work can be key in early detection of many conditions.

Age is not a disease! Through nutrition, supplements and multi-modal pain management today’s pets can live a longer and enjoy higher quality lives even into their older years.