Getting your pet home safe with a microchip

There is nothing as heartbreaking as losing your pet. Microchipping can be amongst the best recovery tools in the event that you cat or dog goes missing.

A microchip in a small device that carries a number linked to your pets information. It is about the size of a grain of rice and is implanted between their shoulder blades. While we usually do the implant while they are with us for they spay or neuter it is possible to do it while they are in for a routine visit as well as it is like a small pinch and a quick procedure.

Microchips can be scanned in veterinary hospitals and animal shelters if your pet is found and brought to them. We can then contact the necessary company and find the information needed to return them home to you. 

We recommend microchipping for all cats and dogs as accidents happen even with the most attentive and responsible owners and it is the most accurate and efficient way to return them to you.